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Logistic matters!

I highly recommend Fast Tracker Courier Service – they are very professional and responsible and are the sole reason I have two beautiful Yorkshire Terrier pups in Honolulu. I will be taking out an ad in the Tropical Toy Dog Fanciers of Hawaii ground show catalog on their behalf.

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Reputable Company

Amazing service!

Thanks for helping with Libby’s shipment. If we have any customers contact us about Fast Tracker Courier Service I will definitely call you based on your caring attitude, professionalism and pricing.

Lola Hall

100% quality!

My decision to use Fast Tracker Courier Service was reaffirmed by my vet, Emory Animal Clinic, who told me that this was the company that they recommended. The CDC Staff were very familiar and spoke highly of the staff. All of which made me more comfortable in trusting my pet with this company.

James Jones

Always on time!

Very professional company, Helpful with our experience of shipping overseas we cannot praise them enough and will certainly be recommending them to anyone requiring this service. Thank you all.

Olivia Taylor


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